Subject RE: [edp] [IBO] Problems with refresh of data.
Author Max Bernaert
Hello Paul,

Yes when you specify the fieldnames it works but it does not make me
very happy.

It does not work with a refresh.

I specified in KeyLinks DOCUMENTS.DOCUMENTNR (that the primary key of
the table).

Thanks for helping me.


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Van: Paul Vinkenoog [mailto:paul@...]
Verzonden: dinsdag 18 mei 2004 16:11
Aan: Max Bernaert
Onderwerp: [edp] [IBO] Problems with refresh of data.

Hello Max,

> Yes I do a commit after each post.

> AutoFetchAll true
> CommitAction CaInvalidateCursor
> FetchWholeRows true
> IB_Transaction DBTrans
> SqlString Select * from Documents order by DocumentNr

Select * is not ideal, but it should work. However, you could try to
replace * with the actual fieldnames and see if that solves your

> After doing several inserts in a table. The new records seems not to
> be available in my Delphi programs until I fully exit the program.

This smells a bit like IBO not being aware of the PK values. Did you
set KeyLinks? And do you have a trigger on that table that fills the
PK from a generator? And if so, does it do this unconditionally?

> Even after an active := false followed by an active := true the data
> is not visible.

Strange. And after a Refresh?

Paul Vinkenoog

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