Subject [IBO] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
Author fabiano_bonin
--- In, Artur Anjos <artur@a...> wrote:
> fabiano_bonin wrote:
> > Now i see why none of firebird developers is engaged in the
> > improvement of the protocol, task already assigned in the wishes
> > list. Because nobody uses it. Maybe just me ??? :-(((((
> In Brazil, I have helped a lot of users using Firebird in ADSL
> with good results. I use ZeBedee in my clients with good aceptable
> results too. You can find something about it in CFLP
> (

I use Zebedee in some customers, too. But today i'm using more
simple SSH tunnels (with Putty), since i don't use these remote
connections very usually.

> Also, you can browse CFLP suport list, also here at yahoo, and you
> find a lot of posts regarding this subject, as well some 'good
> practices' with IBO to turn this quicker.
> You can find me there, and I will be happy to help you, in
> As Daniel told you, you will have a better protocol in Firebird
> What you are seeing here, is that no one will use firebird with a
> connection over the internet - the risk is too high. You will
always use
> something like ZeBedee, that will compress and encript your data,
> using some VNC hardware based. No ones opens 3050 port to the
> directly: it's a bad practice.

Sure, i never did this in production servers. I just didn't mention
this in the examples to simplify. Normally i use Linux servers and
access them using Zebedde or SSH tunnels.

> Artur

Obrigado pela ajuda. só por curiosidade, você é brasileiro? Não sei
onde, mas acho que vi em alguma página do ibphoenix que você era