Subject Re: [IBO] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
I don't get it, IBO did something in 22.311 units of time that FIB+ took 49.000 units of time and IBO is worse? By my
estimation IBO is twice as fast as FIB+ on this case. Then, looking at 6.007 seconds compared to 39 seconds is much,
much faster by magnitudes.

Perhaps you are referring to the connection time taking over 1 second longer only and ignoring these other figures?

I could easily set things up so you can shave that time down. IBO is simply getting the connection characteristics so it
knows what ODS it is working with and a few other things. These could be suppressed if you supplied the information
manually. Then, you could have your much faster operations and a significantly faster connect time as well.

In any case, isn't a little longer one-time cost of a second worth gaining many seconds improvement for the subsequent
many operations?

Jason Wharton

Hi again,

> You said FIB+ was better and yet IBO shows to be much faster.
> What are you really trying to say here?

I don't know if am understanding you correctctly but the IBO results were worst than the FIB ones:

IBO Query IB_Query FIB Plus Dataset
Connection 6.939 5.448
Open and Select 29.681 22.311 49
Open and Select w/Schema 6.129 6.007 39

Best Regards,
Carlos Macao