Subject Re: [IBO] Too many SavePoints error
I've never been aware of a maximum number of operations per a transaction.
Please clarify this.

Jason Wharton

At 04:27 PM 16/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:

> > >There is very little information on this error, but what there is
> > >seems to point to excessive commit retainings without a commit.
> >
> > You are right on the button. In IB, you need to ensure you do a
> > commit (not commit retaining) about once every 10,000 updates.
> >
> > Helen
>Yes, but if I'm using the script function in IB_SQL and putting
>COMMIT statements in the script, isn't this what I'm doing or am I
>missing something?

You didn't mention a script, you mentioned commitretaining...but if you
have a statement in your script that operates on 75,000 rows, commits,
operates on 100,000 rows, commits...that's too many operations per transaction.