Subject RE: [IBO] I'm home now - Welcome back, and two questions ...
Author Eric Tishler
Hi Jason,

I hope you enjoyed your leisure time in Amsterdam. Aside from the typical sordid attractions, there is actually some beautiful architecture and museums to be found in that area. I was there on business myself with my wife back in 1999.

The reason I am approaching you directly on this is two-fold. One - your invitation to do so to the general IBObjetcs community, and two - the fact that my posts in the forums remain un-replied to a week later.

The two posts 30111 and 30112 on March 15 are of great importance to me and are as follows ...


I have client server application that I am trying to make more
robust. Given a consistent connection, everything works the way it is
supposed to. However, if a network connection is dropped, I am trying
to create a graceful way to:

1) Detect the disconnect and put my clients in a corresponding
recognizable state

2) Automatically keep retrying to connect and once established, place
the client application back in service.

I have this working to a degree. I detects the disconnect and can
reestablish the connection as well. However, there is a small window
in which another network disconnect (during the initial reconnection)
throws the client application into a peculiar state in which I am no
longer able to reconnect.

I am using IB Objects and the connection I refer to is one using
IB_Connection to connect to a Firebird database that is
central/crucial to my application.

I have looked through the help files on IBO but cannot find a decent
reference on how to approach this problem. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


The following code segment was place in the OnTimer event that
running once every second. No matter the state of the connection,
this property always returns csConnected.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not a good property to use?

case ConnectionStatus of
csDisconnected: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'Disconnected';
csDisconnectPending: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'DisconnectPending';
csDropPending: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'DropPending';
csForcedConnectPending: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'ForcedConnectPending';
csConnected: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'Connected';
csConnectPending: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'ConnectPending';
csCreatePending: lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'ConnectPending';
lblConnectionStatus.Caption := 'Unknown';

Once again, any help you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you kindly,

Eric Tishler

Eric Tishler
Software Architect
Resolute Partners, LLC
Phone: 203.271.1122
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* I think I forgot to tell everyone here I would be away from home for a while. Sara (my wife) and I went to Amsterdam
where I presented a couple sessions at the SDGN CTTP event. We also took a few days leisure. It was a pretty nice

Anyway, I'm home now and looking to get everything caught up. If anyone has any pressing issues I invite you to send
them to me privately with high priority.

Jason Wharton

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