Subject [IBO] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
Author Carlos Macao
Hi Helen,

<<< Fabiano, I think it's absurd. If that is all you need it for,
you don't even need 3-tier. Shall I tell you how I do the queries I
get from you guys about your IBO community accounts? >>>

I canĀ“t agree on this point with you Helen, Remote Control programs
are just a less practical, less secure and a second option solution
for a problem I think it's related most with IBO code. Obviously
that 3-tier solutions may be the best solution, but for simple
requirements it increases the development and overall cost for an

The numbers I am posting here may show, I think, that even
considering the less optimal protocol implementation of Firebird on
slow networks, FIB plus does a better work on the same environment.

<<< On another system I manage with VNC, at a co-lo in N. California,
the screen resolutions are the same as here, so there is no "repaint-
lag". And VNC, by the way, is platform-neutral and FREE. >>>

By the way, consider also ThightVNC which is an enhanced version of
VNC and has file transfers and jpeg compression.

My tests were on a slow 45K dialup connection, using IBO "4.3 Ab
test" with Firebird CS 1.5 on PIII 900Mhz Linux and WinXP P IV 2.2
Ghz as client. The tests were made 10 times for each, rejecting the
best and worst results, and avoiding the cache side effects. The
ordered select was made on a simple table with 5 indexed fields with
only 100 records. Times are in milliseconds.

IBO Query IB_Query FIB Plus Dataset
Connection 6.939 5.448
Open and Select 29.681 22.311 49
Open and Select w/Schema 6.129 6.007 39

Best regards,
Carlos Macao