Subject Re: [IBO] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
Author Artur Anjos
fabiano_bonin wrote:
> Now i see why none of firebird developers is engaged in the
> improvement of the protocol, task already assigned in the wishes
> list. Because nobody uses it. Maybe just me ??? :-(((((

In Brazil, I have helped a lot of users using Firebird in ADSL lines
with good results. I use ZeBedee in my clients with good aceptable
results too. You can find something about it in CFLP

Also, you can browse CFLP suport list, also here at yahoo, and you will
find a lot of posts regarding this subject, as well some 'good program
practices' with IBO to turn this quicker.
You can find me there, and I will be happy to help you, in portuguese.

As Daniel told you, you will have a better protocol in Firebird 2.0.
What you are seeing here, is that no one will use firebird with a direct
connection over the internet - the risk is too high. You will always use
something like ZeBedee, that will compress and encript your data, or
using some VNC hardware based. No ones opens 3050 port to the world
directly: it's a bad practice.