Subject Re: [IBO] [OT] Re: For Fabiano Bonin
Author Daniel Rail

At March 20, 2004, 17:54, fabiano_bonin wrote:

> Now i see why none of firebird developers is engaged in the
> improvement of the protocol, task already assigned in the wishes
> list. Because nobody uses it. Maybe just me ??? :-(((((

Probably there were other tasks considered more important before, i.e.
speed up the engine, improve optimizer, fix bugs. But, for FB 2.0,
there will be a revised protocol, since the engine got faster, now the
protocol is a bottle-neck that has to be dealt with. And, actually the
main bottle-neck in the protocol is when preparing a statement.
Also, now VARCHARs are no longer padded in FB 1.5.

> Just for curiosity, M$SQL protocol permit client applications to
> access servers over 22k modem lines almost as good as if you were in
> the local network.

True, and I think that's were FB 2.0's protocol has to be.

> But i feel we are entering in the 'personal choices' space, and it's
> hard to discuss this. This could lead to long and useless
> discussions like that betweem Jim and Nickolay at Firebird
> Developers ;-)

At first it seemed to be that way, but I think Nickolay didn't like to
be criticized(although the same could be said of Jim). But, now their
discussions are more civilized, because people criticized their vulgar
language and tone. What I think Jim wanted out of some of those
discussions was for Nickolay to defend his theories with proven facts,
which he had a time hard to do(or didn't do as of yet). I believe the
real test will be when both engines are to be tested side by side on
the same hardware.

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