Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin
Author Arn
Hi Eddie.

> Arn/Paul,
> Is there licensing that prevents distribution of the DLL? Please tell me
that isn't the case ...
> Point of Curiosity: What would be the steps to directly calling API
functions from Delphi? I'm guessing:
> 1) Load the library (LoadLibrary)
> 2) Establish pointers into the DLL (GetAddress)
> 3) Make calls
> I've given some thought to trying to build my own Service API components
and/or methods for cross-platform (IB/FB/Yaffil) use of the services with
included result codes. If/when I get some time I may try to build an IBO
implementation for this and hand it over to Jason for inclusion in IBO.
That way I wouldn't have to deal with learning the relevant API *and* learn
to muck with the DLLs. I think I could probably handle one or the other,
but do not like the idea of doing both at the same time ...

Would be a good thing.

> Personally, I'm mystified that - not one but TWO (IBX & IBO Admin) -
people have implemented a component set for the services API and have not
thought that the return from these calls were relevant! You simply cannot
do a backup/restore/<whatever else> programatically, and handle errors in a
clean way, without knowing what happened when you called the service!
Obviously, these folks come from a different school of thought than do I. I
was taught to propogate any relevant information back through a return code
or something. You might not could implement it as a return code, but there
should be a LastError property of the component or something that let you
get it -- or an "OnError" event handler maybe.

Me too here. But is so.

> If the licensing of Paul's DLL isn't such that I can distribute it (saw no
licensing info) I may have to do this "sooner" rather than "later".

Sorry to mislead You. Paul code is DONATED to us. There is no license nor

> Enough of a rant :-) Where did you find a license for Paul's DLLs, Arn?
I'm very curious to know what prevents it from being distributed.
> Thanks!

In no place.
In my previous email I meant I cannot use additional dll in THIS and ONLY
this application( the current I am developing ).
Nothing prevent it from being distribuited.

Hope things begin to be clear.
And sorry to You and Paul.

> Eddie Bush