Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin
Author Mark Pickersgill
Monday, 22 March 2004, 7:57 PM
Hello Arnaldo,

I'm afraid I can't help much more than this.
I'm even trying to rack my brain as to why my errors were occuring,
but I can only narrow it down to the Params list that I was giving

I was initially using "username=xxxxx" instead of

If the file in the group's file area: doesn't
work for you then I would suggest a trace through the code. (Just
uploaded it now).

Another alternative would be to make the calls directly. There is
code in the GetISC4Path() method of TIB_SessionBase in
IB_Session.pas that makes a service connection.


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>> Sunday, 21 March 2004, 11:45 PM
>> Hi Arn,
>> see my last post: RE: IBOAdmin Backup in response to Don Gollahon's
>> question. The sample code might help you out.
>> cheers
>> Mark

A> Hi Mark, Thanks for the answer You gave Me, but after Your changes, nothing,
A> always the same errors.
A> 'Operation cancelled .... ' and ' SPB Constants not .... '.

A> Do You know what are SPB Constants??

A> Thanks.

A> Ciao
A> Arnaldo

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