Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin
Author Arn
Hi, Mark,

Thanks for the help.

> I'm afraid I can't help much more than this.
> I'm even trying to rack my brain as to why my errors were occuring,
> but I can only narrow it down to the Params list that I was giving
> it.
> I was initially using "username=xxxxx" instead of
> "user_name=xxxxx".

Was this. Me too done the same error.
Now, with "user_name=xxxxx" instead of "username=xxxxx".

All works Fine. Thanks a lot.

> If the file in the group's file area: doesn't
> work for you then I would suggest a trace through the code. (Just
> uploaded it now).

Sure I'll give it a try.

> Another alternative would be to make the calls directly. There is
> code in the GetISC4Path() method of TIB_SessionBase in
> IB_Session.pas that makes a service connection.
> cheers
> Mark

Mark, Thanks.
A last thing:

As Eddie Bush pointed out, seems that IBOAdmin don't return error messages.
Did You solve also this?? :))))


PS Thanks also to Paul Vinkenoog for his ibo compliant services, that work
very fine.
any rumors about porting it in native delphi code???