Subject RE: [IBO] FW: Install Error .. [Error] IB_WebSnap.pas(306): Undeclared identifier: 'sLoginUserName'
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:42 PM 4/03/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Helen
>The Enterprise edition .. of D6, does it not have the correct libs.

Yes, it does. I said "If you have the Pro Edition..."

I have all of the pkgs installed on D6 Enterprise. Perhaps you installed
D6 without the web libraries?

>This sounds unreal. What are these libs, so that I first can look for this,
>before just removing all the webcomponents.

I just spotted this in your original email:

>I deleted my old components as per prescription, (4Ie)
>Then I started installing the 4.3.a

Is there confusion about what you are installing?
You need to
1. unzip 4.3A into your IBO root *first*?
2. unzip 4.3Aa over the top of those files.

>I Opened the D6 package source.
>The openened the first package source
>Then Build All Projects.
>. It hten starts, but stops with this fatal error.