Subject RE: [IBO] FW: Install Error .. [Error] IB_WebSnap.pas(306): Undeclared identifier: 'sLoginUserName'
Author adrian
Hello Hellen
Thanks for the reply.

To set aside all confusion.
D6 Enterprise, with web libs.
4.3 installed in root, with 4.3.a ontop.
All files that need to be deleted from all paths have been deleted.

It then won't compile with error:
Subject: Install Error .. [Error] IB_WebSnap.pas(306): Undeclared
identifier: 'sLoginUserName'

[Error] IB_WebSnap.pas(306): Undeclared identifier: 'sLoginUserName'
[Error] IB_WebSnap.pas(307): Undeclared identifier: 'sLoginPassword'
[Fatal Error] IBO40WSRT_D6.dpk(40): Could not compile used unit

I was fed up, and then all I did was to comment the SLoginUserName, and
SLoginPassword declerations out in the source, and it compiled 100%

Of course this is not a working solution, but now I can use the rest of
the components, and go on as usual.
Will you please look into this though


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From: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]
Sent: 04 March 2004 11:51 PM
Subject: RE: [IBO] FW: Install Error .. [Error] IB_WebSnap.pas(306):
Undeclared identifier: 'sLoginUserName'

At 09:42 PM 4/03/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Helen
>The Enterprise edition .. of D6, does it not have the correct libs.

Yes, it does. I said "If you have the Pro Edition..."

I have all of the pkgs installed on D6 Enterprise. Perhaps you
D6 without the web libraries?

>This sounds unreal. What are these libs, so that I first can look for
>before just removing all the webcomponents.

I just spotted this in your original email:

>I deleted my old components as per prescription, (4Ie)
>Then I started installing the 4.3.a

Is there confusion about what you are installing?
You need to
1. unzip 4.3A into your IBO root *first*?
2. unzip 4.3Aa over the top of those files.

>I Opened the D6 package source.
>The openened the first package source
>Then Build All Projects.
>. It hten starts, but stops with this fatal error.


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