Subject altered NeedToPost behavior in IBO4.5??
Author Jane Obenza
I had IBO4.3Aa before and a project was working fine until I upgraded to

I have a button which calls .Edit on my TIB_Query (Query1) and opens a form
w/c will be used for the editing of a record. On that form, I have a Cancel
button with code like:

If Query1.NeedToPost then Query1.Cancel;

In my Query1's BeforeCancel event, I call a procedure that does some
deleting on an associated table.

When I click on my Edit button and do absolutely no changes on the editing
form and just immediately click on the Cancel button, the deleting procedure
on my Query1's BeforeCancel event is not called because Query1.Cancel will
only be called if Query1.NeedToPost is true. NeedToPost is false because
there were no changes to the record. This worked just as I wanted back in
IBO4.3Aa, but not anymore in IBO4.5Ag. Now the deleting procedure is always
called because NeedToPost is set to true even if no changes were made to the
record. Is this a bug?? It's somewhat frustrating because the project was
already working back then, and I don't want to think of returning to the
code to do some fixes.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could shed some light.

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