Subject Re: [IBO] altered NeedToPost behavior in IBO4.5??
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:25 PM 21/12/2004 +0800, you wrote:

>I had IBO4.3Aa before and a project was working fine until I upgraded to
>I have a button which calls .Edit on my TIB_Query (Query1) and opens a form
>w/c will be used for the editing of a record. On that form, I have a Cancel
>button with code like:
>If Query1.NeedToPost then Query1.Cancel;
>In my Query1's BeforeCancel event, I call a procedure that does some
>deleting on an associated table.
>When I click on my Edit button and do absolutely no changes on the editing
>form and just immediately click on the Cancel button, the deleting procedure
>on my Query1's BeforeCancel event is not called because Query1.Cancel will
>only be called if Query1.NeedToPost is true. NeedToPost is false because
>there were no changes to the record. This worked just as I wanted back in
>IBO4.3Aa, but not anymore in IBO4.5Ag. Now the deleting procedure is always
>called because NeedToPost is set to true even if no changes were made to the
>record. Is this a bug??

It sounds like a bug. Can you construct a simple testcase using
employee.fdb, that demonstrates it? Send the sourcecode through to me and
I'll take a look.