Subject Re: IBO and Rbuilder 7.04
Author radevojvodic
The problem should not be with IBO_pipeline. If you were able to
compile the sources with rbuilder packages it just should provide
data for the report. The report engine itself is responsible for
report layout. The problem might be due to changed reportbuilder
engine. You should try to find solution on digital-metaphor's

In my opinion the problem is that people in digital-metaphor are not
listening to the market. Native IBO access should be part of the
reportbuilder the same way it is in Fast-report. But, that is up to
D-M to contact Jason and figure out how to make it.


--- In, "Luiz" <cprmlao@i...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a Rbuilder 7.04 package update to IBO. I download
> versions available in ibo contributed site and all them seems have
a problem
> running report builder sample in my app.
> I have a report of the type master-detail-detail using IBO native
> datasets(tib_query) and my problem is that the one detail band are
> in erratic positions on page, with larges blanks areas. The height
of these
> blank areas
> If I use the MasterDatapipeline and MasterFieldLinks in addition
> master-detail setup of IBO native dataset, the results are printed
> correctly.
> Does someone have used IBO 4.3 with IBO native datasets and could
send me an
> IBOpipeline updated?
> Thanks in advance,
> Luiz