Subject IBO/IB_ component Use
Author Alan McDonald
I need to make a new application which is TDataset compatible.
I notice you can use IBOQuery with IB_Connection, and IB_Transaction with
I understand the IBO components are wrappers of the IB_ components but are
also descendant to the TDataset classes
I can't find, however, a document which makes recommendations as to the best
use of each set.
Am I right in thinking that if all I need is IBOQueries (I have to use a 3rd
party rich-edit component which is TDataset aware only), I can setup my app
as if it were a native built app, e.g. IB_Connection, IB_Transaction etc
etc, but then just use IBOQuery instead of IB_Query.. OR am I also wedded to
other IBO components if I am forced to use IBOQuery?