Subject Strange behaviour
Author Daniel Jimenez

I have written an application which makes use of MDI forms which contain a
TPanel control.

Thus, on every child form there exist a IB_Grid, and in some instances
numerous IB_LookUpCombo and IB_LookUpList combinations which are shared by
the various tabs. However, I have only provided one IB_Query IB_DataSource
per IB_Grid, One IB_Query IB_DataSource per IB_LookUpCombo IB_LookUpList

Since the MDI Child forms main contain various tabs, the IB_Query is
programmatically setup.

That is, whenever a user clicks on a tab, the IB_Query properties I use are
clear (when they take a string of some sort), or set to NULL when it is a
pointer to an object. Immediately after I set the properties and SQL
according to what the IB_Query is to fetch from the DB.

The problem I am having, is that within the same tab. Thus, using the same
IB_Query, IB_DataSorce, etc, setting the same properties( obviously with
different String, as it may be the case with OrderingItems for example, or
InsertSQL, etc) I experience different behaviour, such as Ordering may work
fine for one tab but not for the next, or the refresh action may work fine
in one tab but not the other, etc.

So I am wondering if the recycle/reuse of IB_Query, IB_DataSource is a NO NO

Any suggestions would be welcome at this stage.



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