Subject Strange behaviour
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

I'm starting to experiment with IB Objects and I have noticed a
strange behaviour.

I have a Delphi form with the following components:

1 TIB_SearchBar
1 TIB_NavigationBar
1 TIB_TransactionBar (Commit and Rollback visible)
1 TIB_UpdateBar

1 TIB_Transaction
1 TIB_DataSource
1 TIB_Query

1 TIB_SearchPanel
1 TIB_Grid

3 TIB_Edit
1 TIB_Date
1 TIB_CheckBox

The transaction bar and the query are bound to the TIB_Transaction on
the form that is bound to the main TIB_Connection that lives on a
separate data module.

The SELECT statement is very simple: SELECT * FROM TableName. The
query is opened in the form's OnActivate handler.

Well, when the form becomes visible with the query already opened, the
two buttons in the transaction bar are enabled, but if I click on any
of the two nothing happens, apart that the busy cursor appears

If I wait about two-three minutes, the buttons become grayed; I
suppose that this means that a transaction has been ended somehow, but
*what transaction* if I haven't performed any operation on the table
yet? After the buttons has become grayed, if I insert/edit/delete a
row, the behaviour of the transaction bar is now normal.

Furthermore, I have put a control in the OnCloseQuery of the form that
alerts me if the transaction is still active before closing the form.
Ok, in the above mentioned status (form opened, buttons enabled) I can
close the form without any warning, meaning that the transaction is
not active. So is it possible that there is a bug in the transaction