Subject RE: [firebird-support] Embedded / Backup
Author Alan McDonald
> > Beg pardon, I meant IBOBackupService. It's in the IBOAdmin suite - it's
> > like the IBX Admin components but uses the IBO connectivity
> > framework. Download from (or link through from the
> > Contributed page of the IBO website).
> >
>Yes - aI have now found the contributed code (mengoni's was missing the dcr
>But now the package install for D7 is asking for IBO40CRT_D7.dcp -
>do I compile this one?

Getting off-topic for firebird-support...but you need to have IBO installed
in Delphi in order to add the IBOAdmin package. Further questions belong
in the IBO list.


I do have IBO - but I have IBO40CRT.dcp - not _D7
I just copied my one over to a version called _D7 and it works OK
Maybe IBO changed it's compiling method since my version?

Anyway - it works now