Subject Stick with gds32.dll or move to fbclient.dll?
Author petesouthwest

If my delphi/IBO application is intended to be installed on various
customers machines, are there advantages/disadvantages in my
application using either fbclient.dll or gds32.dll?

I am currently using firebird- /silent as part of my
setup. As I understand things this option does not overwrite
gds32.dll if it exists. As there are different versions of gds32.dll
could this cause me problems if they have an older (or eventually
newer) version?

As i understand it i can replace/ update the gds32.dll by adding
instcleint i[gds32]to my setup. But I am worried that
updating/replacing gds32.dll may cause problems with my customers
machines and other apps (ie interbase/ibx) either now or in the

To me it seems more sensible to convert my IBO units to use
fbclient.dll (I understand I can do this by: In ib_constants, change
the first variable defined in that unit, viz. IB_GDS32:
string= 'gds32.dll'; to IB_GDS32: string = 'fbclient.dll';). but are
there any disadvantages in doing this?

Thanks for any advice given