Subject Re: [IBO] Partial contributor licenses?
Author petesouthwest
Thanks guys

Both Jason and Helen have replied to my email :)

Doesn't spam have a lot to answer for! :( I too miss legit emails
becuase they get filtered into the spam folder :(


--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hello Pete, Aage,
> >> I have emailed 'j wharton at' enquiring whether I
> >> would be able to have reduced licence costs as my project is not
> >> yet in production and I cannot afford to support the product at
> >> the full contributor license rate yet. I have sent a couple of
> >> emails, the first about a month ago, but have not had a reply,
> >> even a read reciept.
> > 1.
> > Mails can easily drown in the spam that fills our mailboxes these
> > days.
> >
> > 2.
> > I think the licence states that you can use IBO for free (with
> > "nag"?) unless you make real money with it.
> Yes, but he wants the nagscreen away. You can always explain your
> situation to Jason and ask for the nag-free, full-source version
> the bucks start rolling in. Of course it's up to Jason whether your
> request is honored or not.
> Problem is, these days Jason is a lot busier with other things
than he
> was a couple of years ago, and at times it's very hard to get an
> answer from him.
> Pete, if I were you I'd post a new message (not in this thread) to
> list with "ATTN Jason" in the subject. If that also doesn't work,
> maybe Helen Borrie can step in and contact Jason (I suppose he
> read her mail...)
> Greetings,
> Paul Vinkenoog