Subject Re: [IBO] Partial contributor licenses?
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Pete, Aage,

>> I have emailed 'j wharton at' enquiring whether I
>> would be able to have reduced licence costs as my project is not
>> yet in production and I cannot afford to support the product at
>> the full contributor license rate yet. I have sent a couple of
>> emails, the first about a month ago, but have not had a reply, not
>> even a read reciept.

> 1.
> Mails can easily drown in the spam that fills our mailboxes these
> days.
> 2.
> I think the licence states that you can use IBO for free (with the
> "nag"?) unless you make real money with it.

Yes, but he wants the nagscreen away. You can always explain your
situation to Jason and ask for the nag-free, full-source version until
the bucks start rolling in. Of course it's up to Jason whether your
request is honored or not.

Problem is, these days Jason is a lot busier with other things than he
was a couple of years ago, and at times it's very hard to get an
answer from him.

Pete, if I were you I'd post a new message (not in this thread) to the
list with "ATTN Jason" in the subject. If that also doesn't work,
maybe Helen Borrie can step in and contact Jason (I suppose he *does*
read her mail...)

Paul Vinkenoog