Subject Re: [IBO] Unable to Edit/Save BLOB Text with IBO + Infopower (they referred me here)
Author Daniel Rail

At January 26, 2004, 06:07, Helen Borrie wrote:

>>I use D7, FireBird, XP Prof (although I just reproduced the problem
>>in D5 with IB 5.5, IBO 3 something, on Win98SE).

Which version of IBO are you using in D7?

>>I have been accessing the BLOB field with wwDataSource/wwDBGrid/
>>with data bound wwRichEdit. Set up with IBO is
>>IB_Connection/IB_Transaction/IBOQuery, set to RequestLive = true.
>>Simple single table with 3 records: Test_id/Int; Name/VarChar 12;
>>Comment/Blob Text. SQL: Select * from test. That's it.
>>(I tried adding EditSQL and that didn't help. I tried directly
>>posting the changes using OnChange event in the DBRichEdit and that
>>didn't work.)

How do you control the transactions? What are the settings for

> No, where you have to get to is to have a blob (ideally) being
> assigned to a blob. I don't use InfoPower components, I use TIB_Memo
> usually. With Fb you *can* pass a string to a sub_type 1 blob but
> it's not very practicable unless your blob contents are uniformly
> fairly small...

I use Infopower 4000 with IBO 4.2 TDataset descendants without any

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