Subject Re: [IBO] Unable to Edit/Save BLOB Text with IBO + Infopower (they referred me here)
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:52 AM 26/01/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Got a major headache and yet I feel that I'm missing something basic:
>I was just referred to this group from the Infopower group. I use IBO
>4.something. My problem shows up when I am trying to edit a BLOB text
>field--it not only doesn't save the changes, but blanks out the field of
>any text that was there.

Does it help you to know that blob fields are never "updated"? When you
update a blob, what really happens on the server is that the old version
(blob_id and all) is physically deleted and the new version replaces it in

>I use D7, FireBird, XP Prof (although I just reproduced the problem in
>D5 with IB 5.5, IBO 3 something, on Win98SE).
>I have been accessing the BLOB field with wwDataSource/wwDBGrid/ with
>data bound wwRichEdit. Set up with IBO is
>IB_Connection/IB_Transaction/IBOQuery, set to RequestLive = true. Simple
>single table with 3 records: Test_id/Int; Name/VarChar 12; Comment/Blob
>Text. SQL: Select * from test. That's it.
>(I tried adding EditSQL and that didn't help. I tried directly posting
>the changes using OnChange event in the DBRichEdit and that didn't

No, where you have to get to is to have a blob (ideally) being assigned to
a blob. I don't use InfoPower components, I use TIB_Memo usually. With Fb
you *can* pass a string to a sub_type 1 blob but it's not very practicable
unless your blob contents are uniformly fairly small...

Last week I uploaded a demo for someone else into the files area of the
list. It's a do-little app that just messes about with some text during
the BeforePost event (specifically for inserts, but the same kind of
approach can be applied to updates). It uses the native components but it
might help you a bit. There's a script there to build the really naf
database that the application connects to.