Subject Unable to Edit/Save BLOB Text with IBO + Infopower (they referred me here)
Author Chuck Belanger

Got a major headache and yet I feel that I'm missing something basic:

I was just referred to this group from the Infopower group. I use IBO
4.something. My problem shows up when I am trying to edit a BLOB text
field--it not only doesn't save the changes, but blanks out the field of
any text that was there.

I use D7, FireBird, XP Prof (although I just reproduced the problem in
D5 with IB 5.5, IBO 3 something, on Win98SE).

I have been accessing the BLOB field with wwDataSource/wwDBGrid/ with
data bound wwRichEdit. Set up with IBO is
IB_Connection/IB_Transaction/IBOQuery, set to RequestLive = true. Simple
single table with 3 records: Test_id/Int; Name/VarChar 12; Comment/Blob
Text. SQL: Select * from test. That's it.

(I tried adding EditSQL and that didn't help. I tried directly posting
the changes using OnChange event in the DBRichEdit and that didn't

OnCreate of the form makes Connected=true and IBOQuery active.

I'm not a big user of Firebird/IB/IBO, and only a parttime programmer,
but I've never run across this problem before. The above set up always
worked just fine for me.

The tech support person in InfoPower, said he had no problems with his
recreation of my example.

BTW, I can edit the BLOB Text field in IB_SQL Memo editor just fine.

What am I missing here?

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger