Subject Re: [IBO] Unable to Edit/Save BLOB Text with IBO + Infopower (they referred me here)
Author Chuck Belanger
Daniel, Helen (and anyone else);

I found the answer!

Mainly, by carefully going over your demo, Helen--thanks.

The BLOB Text segment size was set at 15 not 80. I was using a FB manager which
I guess created a Domain with a default size of 15? Anyway, when changing that,
suddenly, I could start editing and saving edits to text blob fields again.
That's it. I knew it was something basic!

Also, Daniel, when I was trying to set up a demo for you, I kept running into
problems with creating a DB with charset of WIN1251 and something about
Firebird.msg/truncating data, etc. I changed back to charset of NONE (in other
forum messages this was said to be incorrect? i.e. one should always define the
default charset.) and that solved that problem. I noticed in Helen's demo and
likewise in the FB QSG, that there is no default charset set when creating a

Thanks again for being there,