Subject Why IBO & How?
Author Vignesh
i am a fresh Delphi programmer. i was asked to use IBO. But i am all
against data bound controls, as i don't have control over the
transactions.But i am bound to use IBO.

here are my queries
1.Is IBO data bound or just data aware control? some times i find it data
bound and at sometimes it behaves like just data aware control.
2.How to have control over the transactions? i want my transactions to be
short & ours is real world appln. with more then 200 tables , equal number
of views, 150 triggers, procedures.?
3. Is there any transaction opening up active for a query with is just used
for data retrieval purposes.? if so how to close them so the i do not
account to junk transactions. to analyze and override the IB plan of execution of a query
5.Can you help me in getting a complete tutorial which will refine me as a
Delphi programmer.
6.In what way will IBO improve the performance of the application?

I will be grateful to you if you help in answering my above queries and it
will also help to do Delphi programming using IBO more professionally