Subject Re: [IBO] Why IBO & How?
Author Don Gollahon
Get a copy of the Getting Started manual at It is worth the
money. I think it is around $30.

IBO is much better than IBX for accessing Interbase/Firebird. IBO takes a
bit to learn but once you do it saves you a whole lot of programming. When
I first started using it I tried to do things the old way I used to do in
IBX. But then by reading the manual above and getting a little help here I
learned that things were much easier than I was making them and was able to
throw out a lot of code I once needed for IBX.

As for transactions, you can have full control over when you want to commit
and how. Just add a transaction component to your app and assign the
database to that transaction instead of the default one. You can also have
multiple transaction components if you need to. In a few apps I assigned
one transaction for scanning a table, another for updates/deletes/inserts.

It has been awhile since I used IBO so don't ask me for much detail at this
point. I may get back to using it in a project later this year so will have
to refresh my skills.

What I do to override a query plan is I design the query in IB_Sql until it
comes up with the right plan. Then you can copy the plan and paste it into
the query itself as the last line. Then adjust the query back to the way
you wanted it. This normally works but may not if you drastically change
the query from the way it was before.

Hope this helps. Others will respond that know more than I do. I'm going
by memory right now.

"Vignesh" <developer@...> wrote in message
i am a fresh Delphi programmer. i was asked to use IBO. But i am all
against data bound controls, as i don't have control over the
transactions.But i am bound to use IBO.

here are my queries
1.Is IBO data bound or just data aware control? some times i find it data
bound and at sometimes it behaves like just data aware control.
2.How to have control over the transactions? i want my transactions to be
short & ours is real world appln. with more then 200 tables , equal number
of views, 150 triggers, procedures.?
3. Is there any transaction opening up active for a query with is just used
for data retrieval purposes.? if so how to close them so the i do not
account to junk transactions. to analyze and override the IB plan of execution of a query
5.Can you help me in getting a complete tutorial which will refine me as a
Delphi programmer.
6.In what way will IBO improve the performance of the application?

I will be grateful to you if you help in answering my above queries and it
will also help to do Delphi programming using IBO more professionally


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