Subject Re: [IBO] Multiple instansiation of a TdataModulw with IBO
Hi Bengt

> Well, I tried it, and it worked, partially. Setting the name:='' made it
> impossible for a e.g. TiwDBlabel located in another Form to find its data.
> Why is it needed?

To set the name of the datamodule to either '' or just a random name is
needed, because when the datamodul is created, the Borland code checks if
a datamodule with the given name already exists in memory. If so, there
will no next instance be created.

The result is, that multiple forms, that make use of this datamodule will
all access the same dataset. You can easily make a demo with 2 or more
forms and if you move the datapointer in one form, you will see it moving
in the other form as well.