Subject Re: [IBO] Generator Link VS GeneratorField in IBX
Author Lucas Franzen
"Ka Chun, Cheng" schrieb:
> in IBX I can choose the time when the generator is triggered. on post, on
> new and on server. can I do this in IBO? What is the better way to maintain
> a continues IDs?

Generators are continuous but NOT without gaps - that's not what they
are made for.
Using GeneratorLinks will increment the generator when doing an Insert;
if you don't want that, leave it blank and use some event like
BeforePost of the IB_Query and get the generator value on your own.
You can use the GEN_ID function of the IB_Query or IB_Connection
like: value := IB_Query.Gen_id ( <gen-name>, <increment> )

If you want to maintain a pure sequence than you have to do quite a lot
of work, just look at the "An Auditable Series of Numbers" link at the