Subject TIB_Edit Height problem again
Author Ramil Khabibullin
Hi All,
Anyone have decision of inveteracy problem of TIB_Edit?
I'm talk about TIB_Edit Height problem.
Here extract from old messages of IB Objects support list:
look at the problem with
the changing height of TIB_Edit (and other controls)
during runtime vs edit time?
(Set to 18 height at desingtime and switches to
20 during runtime. Even when constraints set in design)
...." by Steve Fields, Jul 18, 2001

I set my IB_Edit height to 17 and Autosize to false. They stay like that
the IDE but appear as 19 high when the app runs? Is this a bug or can I
control it?
..." by Paul Hope, Aug 6, 2002

Or I miss something and this explicit problem was fixed?
Any help appreciated.

With best regards,
Ramil Khabibullin