Subject Re: [IBO] Multiple instansiation of a TdataModulw with IBO
Author Bengt Skogvall
Hi Harald,

well, I made a simple test and created two datamodules in two differnet
sessions. The name was not changed in any way. I stored with one session a
value and tried to read it out in another. The dataModules were really

Perhaps you are describing another case? I am not using the global variable
of the TdataModule. Instead I am storing the DataModule in the associated
Session class.

I am confused,

<nibler@...> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hi Bengt
> > Well, I tried it, and it worked, partially. Setting the name:='' made it
> > impossible for a e.g. TiwDBlabel located in another Form to find its
> > Why is it needed?
> To set the name of the datamodule to either '' or just a random name is
> needed, because when the datamodul is created, the Borland code checks if
> a datamodule with the given name already exists in memory. If so, there
> will no next instance be created.
> The result is, that multiple forms, that make use of this datamodule will
> all access the same dataset. You can easily make a demo with 2 or more
> forms and if you move the datapointer in one form, you will see it moving
> in the other form as well.
> Harald
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