Subject [IBO] Re: Patch release IBO 4.2Ic
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> Don't be disheartened: no doubt it's part of other things he is
working on
> for upcoming sub-release. The current patch release was
necessitated by
> the fix for the Delphi 5 core runtime package and Jason added a few
> minor patches that had come in. The sub-release is not far away.

hope so :)

> >btw Helen, did you had a look at my recent "Lookup Query keylinks
> >problem"? I can't think an aceptable workaround, since keystrokes in
> >the IB_Lookupcombo can't be managed before the controls "executes" the
> >Canc keypress, and adding a different button for cancelling it it's
> >not very nice UI.
> No, I don't recall it at all.

it's message 24426 of Fri 3/28/2003. I would like to know your opinion
on that problem. Beware that in my desing you can't eliminate the
compound primary index and use a generator, since are tables that
every fiscal year need to be copied in the new one and the relation
(keep by the "code" field) has to be the same.
I'm surprised nobody had this problem before...
Marco Menardi