Subject RE: [IBO] Optimizing IBO-app: Lookups
Author Alan McDonald
you could load then into clientdatasets when you synchronise, then run the
IBO controls out of the clientdatsets between synchronising. Since your data
does not move from one PC to another in the form of a clientdataset, you
will not incur any license fees

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Subject: [IBO] Optimizing IBO-app: Lookups


I've written a rather complex two-tiered application using IBO/Firebird.
I've noticed that it tends to become a bit slow on networks, and now
I'm trying to reduce the network usage. As it contains a lot of
lookups that aren't updated very frequently I'm thinking of storing
the lookup-lists in local files that are synchronized every time a
connection to the database server is established. What is the best way
to achieve this? I'm using the IBO controls throughout the entire
application and I have Delphi 7.

Thanks in advance,


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