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Sorry for the delay. I was out of town
People are trying to help me and I am taking time to reply <sheesh>.

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>From : Lester Caine <lester@...>
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>Date : 21/03/2003 7:38:17 PM
>Subject : Re: [IBO] Fwd: Blob Fields any gotchas
>> Occasionally (maybe once in 10 days) during operation the database will get corrupted.
>> This is always on a BLOB field.
>> If i run gfix with mend and then run gbak to backup and restore.
>> it says gds$segment failed trying to read more sectors than required on blob field
>> I am using IBO to do access the database. There is a blob field in a table and there are lot of records there. Some of the quite >arge.

>BLOB field populated by IBO but giving ocasional problems.
>That is something I had seen before, so next (IBO related)
>What are you using to populate the BLOB?

rsAttachmentsBLOBDATA is TBlobField Object added in the fields editor of TIBOQuery object rsAttachments

>Is the record that is corrupted one that has been updated
>but not necessarily changed the BLOB?

Not using Bound controls and i have a different table only for the blob fields

>Is the corruption such that you can step through the
>database up to the corrupted record quite happily, but there
>is an error when switching to that one?

Yes to this one

>I change from a simple Memo to a RichText, and the problem
>disappeared, but not sure if that was related as I tidied up
>a lot of other stuff as well <g>

I did get a suggestion on the ib-support list to increase the page size to 8192.
I was using 2048.

>Lester Caine