Subject Re: [IBO] Fwd: Blob Fields any gotchas
Author Lester Caine
> Occasionally (maybe once in 10 days) during operation the database will get corrupted.
> This is always on a BLOB field.
> If i run gfix with mend and then run gbak to backup and restore.
> it says gds$segment failed trying to read more sectors than required on blob field
> I am using IBO to do access the database. There is a blob field in a table and there are lot of records there. Some of the quite large.
> I am sure there must be something wrong in what i am doing. But got no clue on how to address it.
> Any tips or gotchas with blob fields that I should be aware of.
> Any wild guess?

> Not this time, as Lester suggested it (not quite sure why, though).

BLOB field populated by IBO but giving ocasional problems.
That is something I had seen before, so next (IBO related)
What are you using to populate the BLOB?
Is the record that is corrupted one that has been updated
but not necessarily changed the BLOB?
Is the corruption such that you can step through the
database up to the corrupted record quite happily, but there
is an error when switching to that one?
I change from a simple Memo to a RichText, and the problem
disappeared, but not sure if that was related as I tidied up
a lot of other stuff as well <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services