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Subject: [IBO] Fwd: [ib-support] Blob Fields any gotchas

Running FB 1.0 build 794 on windows 2000 SP3.
IBO 4.2H

Occasionally (maybe once in 10 days) during operation the database will get
This is always on a BLOB field.
If i run gfix with mend and then run gbak to backup and restore.
it says gds$segment failed trying to read more sectors than required on blob

I am using IBO to do access the database. There is a blob field in a table
and there are lot of records there. Some of the quite large.

I am sure there must be something wrong in what i am doing. But got no clue
on how to address it.

Any tips or gotchas with blob fields that I should be aware of.
Any wild guess?


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