Subject RE: Newbie -- Installation Problem
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning all,

I have to say I've had very few problems building IBO4 using C++ Builder. At
present I'm on Builder 6 Pro, but I've come up through the ranks from BCB 3
then 4 - although I did miss out 5.

Builder is a pain when you try to do a Build All - as Lester has already
poiinted out - because it tries to make sure that all the dependencies are
present - even if somew of them are going to be created as part of the build
process. Bit of a Catch 22 situation there.

Here's how I install IBO4 into Builder 6 - it might help. (I've never had to
fiddle around in the sources as Paul has suggested though !)

Create a clean source directory - I use $(BCB)/source/IBObjects/IBO4 and
unzip the download files into that.
Create a new folder called inter under the one above. $(BCB) is shorthand
for 'where C++ Builder is installed by the way)
In BCB, open the project group IBO40_C6.bpg - in your case you'd open

Select TOOLS | ENVIRONMENT OPTIONS, click the LIBRARY tab and add the new
IBO folder (not inter) to the LIBRARY PATH. Also check that there are no
invalid paths there because BCB is well known for mangling paths !

Add the new IBO folder to the BROWSE PATH as well. Again, check for mangled
names. OK your way back to the IDE.

In the project manager - VIEW | PROJECT MANAGER if it is not visible -
remove any projects from the group if you don't or can't use them. Names of
the form *W* are Web projects, names like *X* use the TDataSet compatible
components - if you have the Personal version of BCB these won't be needed
(or able to be compiled). Under BCB6 Pro, I can have everything, but under
BCB4 Pro, I couldn't have the Web stuff - BCB5 will no doubt be different.

Now, start from the top of the project manager and for each *RT.BPL, right
click and BUILD. If you get any errors about various *.BPI files cannot be
found, simply click on the CANCEL button. They will go away eventually !

Having built all the runtime packages, right click and INSTALL the *DT.BPL
packages. There shouldn't be any problems with missing BPI files anymore.

Finally, if applicable, right click and INSTALL the remaining packages -
*RPL, *EDT and *FTS at the bottom of the list.

You should now FILE | SAVE ALL. If you don't, when you close the project
group, you will be prompted to save for each and every package !

In BCB4 there was a problem wherby the OBJ files would be placed in the
'inter' folder but the linker could not, or would not see them there. If
this is still the case in BCB5, then simply go through each and every
project in the group removing the inter folder from its options. Then start
the build again. You will know if this is affecting you because there will
be linker errors stating that 'xxxx.obj cannot be found'.

Now do a FILE | SAVE ALL followed by a FILE | CLOSE ALL.

Click PROJECT | OPTIONS and add the ibo folder to the lib and include paths.
This adds them into the default project - so all new projects will have
these settings already set.



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