Subject RE: [IBO] Newbie -- Installation Problem
Author Norman Dunbar

there is a file called c0pkg32.obj in my C Builder 6 Pro set up. It lives in

The second character of the name is a zero and not an OH by the way - one of
the joys of seeing names in upper case is that zeros and Os tend to look
similar under some fonts.

This folder should be in the library path (under tools | environment options
| library path) and also the project's library path (under project | options
| directories/conditionals).



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Subject: Re: [IBO] Newbie -- Installation Problem

At 11:04 PM 24/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks Helen, Paul, and Lester. Got the IBD_RESTRUCTURE.OBJ fixed.
>I did find it in the "inter" folder.
>Now I'm missing 'COPKG32.OBJ'. Same Fatal Linker Error. I used
>Windows Search to try to locate this OBJ, but it's not on the hard-
>drive. Does anyone no where this one come froms?

No, but I can confirm that there is NO copkg32.pas in any of the Delphi
Enterprise distros from D4 thru D6, so it's got to be from a source unit
inside CPPB. Try doing a copkg32.* search in your Builder path.


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