Subject Re: [IBO] RE: Newbie -- Installation Problem
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Norman,

> I have to say I've had very few problems building IBO4 using C++
> Builder. At present I'm on Builder 6 Pro, but I've come up through
> the ranks from BCB 3 then 4 - although I did miss out 5.
> Builder is a pain when you try to do a Build All - as Lester has
> already poiinted out - because it tries to make sure that all the
> dependencies are present - even if somew of them are going to be
> created as part of the build process. Bit of a Catch 22 situation
> there.
> Here's how I install IBO4 into Builder 6 - it might help. (I've
> never had to fiddle around in the sources as Paul has suggested
> though !)

Because you were smart enough to skip Builder 5! :-)

There were a couple of omissions in two BCB5-specific files that
caused the linker problem. I've finally sent the fixes to Jason
The corresponding BCB6-specific files are OK at this point.

[ excellent how-to snipped to save electrons ]