Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Dumb Newbie installation question.
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:27 AM 8/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:

> >
>There 2 cfg files called IBO40ADT_D5.cfg and IBO40FTS_D5.cfg.
>They both have:
>so that looks OK

So you have Delphi 5 installed on your D-Drive, yes?

>I have become quite an expert at installing (or at least trying to)
>and un-installing IBO.
>Here's what typically happens:
>I open the Project Group file "IBO40_D5.bpg"
>Then I open up one of the packages and do a "Build All"
>I verify that the files in my /Projects/BPL directory are all there.
>I now right-click on one of the design time (DT) packages and select
>install. It fails with the by now quite familiar message.
>I try all the other ones: same result.
>I can however do this:
>Go to "Component | Install packages"
>Then select "Add" and navigate to my projects/bpl directory, select
>one of the packages. Thisd installs OK. Repeat for all the other packages.
>I now have a full install of IBO and everything works.
>Close Delphi down.
>Restart Delphi: Error message about every single IBO package that was
>previously working.
>Repeat Go to "Component | Install packages" etc. etc. and everything
>Tried this half a dozen times with the same (predictable) result.
>Maybe .. I'm a slow learner <g>

No, I don't think that's the cause. <g> AFAICT, everything looks "right"
according to how it is with my D5 installation, *except* for my doubt
(above) about the location of your Delphi 5 installation...

But it's reminscent of some problems reported with Delphi 4 Pro, which had
an intransigent bug, for distributions in Australia and NZ, in the
enviroment paths settings. The solution in those cases was to copy the bpl
files to the system directory, or to Delphi's lib directory. That's why I
asked whether you had the update patch - but you have, so it's probably
just a coincidence.