Subject Re: Dumb Newbie installation question.
Author peter_vroegop
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 01:58 AM 8/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >I've checked that one already, but it has always been set for the
> >default ( ($DELPHI)\projects\bpl) so that's not what's causing it.
> Can you find (on your disk) the BPL and DCP files that were created
for the
> runtime packages?

Yes, all the BPL and DCP files are located in
"D:\BORLAND\Delphi5\Projects\Bpl". I have checked them off against the
file listing in the install.txt.

> Can you go to the Library tab of your Environment options, and
verify that
> the individual BPL and DCP path settings are pointing to where the
> files are actually located?

Yes, both BPL and DCP output directories are pointing

> Also, open (in Notepad) and check the .cfg files associated with the
> problem packages (down at the end of this file) to see whether the
> following entries are consistent with your machine's setup:
> -LE"d:\program files\borland\delphi5\Projects\Bpl"
> -LN"d:\program files\borland\delphi5\Projects\Bpl"
There 2 cfg files called IBO40ADT_D5.cfg and IBO40FTS_D5.cfg.
They both have:


so that looks OK

> I think these settings come from Jason's machine - they don't match
> mine. I copied them from a .cfg that isn't used in building the D5
> components, since Delphi SHOULD update the .cfg files to match YOUR
path setup.
> Still, if all else fails, exit from Delphi, delete or rename these .cfg
> files, or move them out of your path, and then try again.
> I suppose you do have the Patched version of Delphi 5?

I have build 6.18 Update Pack 1.

> Helen

I have become quite an expert at installing (or at least trying to)
and un-installing IBO.

Here's what typically happens:

I open the Project Group file "IBO40_D5.bpg"
Then I open up one of the packages and do a "Build All"
I verify that the files in my /Projects/BPL directory are all there.
I now right-click on one of the design time (DT) packages and select
install. It fails with the by now quite familiar message.
I try all the other ones: same result.

I can however do this:

Go to "Component | Install packages"
Then select "Add" and navigate to my projects/bpl directory, select
one of the packages. Thisd installs OK. Repeat for all the other packages.
I now have a full install of IBO and everything works.

Close Delphi down.
Restart Delphi: Error message about every single IBO package that was
previously working.
Repeat Go to "Component | Install packages" etc. etc. and everything

Tried this half a dozen times with the same (predictable) result.
Maybe .. I'm a slow learner <g>

I have you any other suggestions, I'd love to hear.

Thanks for all your help so far.

Peter V.