Subject Re: Dumb Newbie installation question.
Author peter_vroegop
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 04:27 AM 8/03/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> So you have Delphi 5 installed on your D-Drive, yes?


> No, I don't think that's the cause. <g> AFAICT, everything looks
> according to how it is with my D5 installation, *except* for my doubt
> (above) about the location of your Delphi 5 installation...
> But it's reminscent of some problems reported with Delphi 4 Pro,
which had
> an intransigent bug, for distributions in Australia and NZ, in the
> enviroment paths settings. The solution in those cases was to copy
the bpl
> files to the system directory, or to Delphi's lib directory. That's
why I
> asked whether you had the update patch - but you have, so it's probably
> just a coincidence.
After your comments about this, I have copied all my BPL and DCP files
to "delphi/lib" but that makes no difference.

I should expand a little on my previous post: If I go to
"Components|Install Packagages" and I only re-add one of the design
packages (doesn't matter which one) then I can just switch the other
ones in the list of design packages back on by clicking in the
checkbox next to them and all is well again (until I close Delphi down
again, of course) It's almost like it can't "remember" the path, and
once it has been reset, it's all fine again.

I'd like to learn more about IBO, but I don't really want to go
through this rigmarole every single time I want to run Delphi.


Peter V.