Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IB_SQL Script limit 64K
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Marco,

I just tried to paste that 341 Kb RTF file into a TRichEdit in the IDE, it
does indeed truncate and I get a 'Rich Edite line insertion' error when I
click OK.
Looks like a Windows limit to me - seeing as TRichEdit is just a wrapper
around the Rich Edit common control.

I've no idea why it allows large files to be read in at runtime but pasting
fails - apart from a little mention in the help, that pasting rtf code into
a TRichEdit will NOT format correctly, it has to be streamed in from a file
or memeory stream. I wonder if that is part of the problem ?

At runtime, pasting RTF text into the TRichEdit also gets truncated - plus
all the formatting is lost, it merely shows the rtf 'source code' instead of
properly formatted output - so the above restriction on pasting is certainly


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Subject: [IBO] Re: IB_SQL Script limit 64K

If you have IBO source you can check/test it by yourself, in my source
I've seen that MaxLength = 0, but when I paste from the clipboard into
the TRichEdit the script is truncated, and I can't enter (type) more
test into it. Could you please test and let me know?
Using TMemo works very well.
Marco Menardi

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