Subject Re: IB_SQL Script limit 64K
Author Marco Menardi <>
If you have IBO source you can check/test it by yourself, in my source
I've seen that MaxLength = 0, but when I paste from the clipboard into
the TRichEdit the script is truncated, and I can't enter (type) more
test into it. Could you please test and let me know?
Using TMemo works very well.
Marco Menardi

--- In, Norman Dunbar <norman.dunbar@l...>
> Morning Marco,
> do you have MaxLength set for the RichEdit ?
> Setting it to zero applies the Operating System limits to the RichEdit
> otherwise the limit is defined by what you have set.
> I've just compiled the D6 demo RichEdit project and loaded a 341 Kb
rtf file
> into it with no problems. (MaxLength = 0)
> Cheers,
> Norman.
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> Subject: [IBO] IB_SQL Script limit 64K
> Hi, I can't enter long scripts in IB_SQL script form.
> I've noticed that tha form (in IBF_Script) uses a TRichEdit, that has
> a limit in the maximum lines allowed, while TMemo seems not (I've
> tested both in a form, side by side, pasting a very long script. In
> TRichEdit was truncated, in TMemo was not).
> Is there any reason to use TRichEdit instead of TMemo?
> If not it must be changed.
> If I want to run a script to build the database, it's too big for
> TRichEdit.
> Using IBO 4.2Ib, Win2K, D6.
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi
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