Subject Re: [IBO] IB_SQL Script limit 64K
Author Lucas Franzen
> 64K is too long for one script. It will make it very hard to
> maintain. Also, I know there is an upper limit on the size of script which
> ISQL will handle - I think it is probably lower than 64K. 40K seems to
> ring a bell...but a 40K script is too big for practical purposes as well.

Not quite true.

At runtime you can load much more than 64K into a TIB_Script and it will
run well (e.g. large insert statements) - at least it ran well for me so
But at designtime you can't enter more than 64k.

It also happens to me that I paste the source code of a stored procedure
into the script and it's truncated (for example if I want to
create/alter three procedures each of it 25K (yes I do have some
procedures of that size))

I'm a little surprised since the 64k restriction at designtime applied
rather to TMemos than to TRichedits...

So what am I gonna do when one of my sp's will exceed the 64K limit? ;-)