Subject Re: [IBO] How to reduce net traffic on prepare?
Author Lester Caine

Not sure that he was actually saying slow performance. I
think he is just comenting on the transfer of metadata from
the server to client on prepare, but I can't remember how
you switch the metadata caching at the moment to see what
results he gets then. <g>

>>I have measured the network traffic generated by a prepare of a
>>simple query. It takes about 40Kbytes server to client, and 1Kbytes
>>client to server. Since the query is so simple, there shouldn't be
>>such amount of information coming from the server. Is it possible to
>>make IBO to lower the server to client traffic?

> Could you begin by providing details of the conditions under which you
> observed this? Since slow performance is a mix of network conditions,
> metadata structure and application conditions, without information it is
> impossible to determine what might be causing your problems.

Lester Caine
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