Subject Re: [IBO] "Cannot open file" error
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:57 AM 9/01/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok. Here it is. This was built with BCB4. Here's what I observe:
>This can connect fine if I'm logged into XP as administrator. I can
>connect to both local databases and remote via TCP/IP.
>If I log on as a "restricted user", and I try to connect to a local
>database, I get an exception saying "unavailable database". I don't
>understand this, because I can access the database file directly (open it
>with a hex editor, etc.).
>If I log on as a "restricted user", and I try to connect to a remote
>database, I get a different strange occurrance. It seems to ignore the
>server part. When it gets to the IBO login screen, the connection string
>that is filled in there is missing the Server portion of the string. For
>instance, if I put "MyServer" in the Server field, and
>"C:\mydata\datafile.fdb" in the database file field, when the login screen
>comes up, the connectin string only says, "C:\mydata\datafile.fdb". If I
>manually change the connection string in the login screen, and add the
>server part to the beginning, it connects. Logged on as Administrator, it
>sets the connection string correctly with the server name.

What do you have in the Protocol property?