Subject "Cannot open file" error
Author Joe Martinez
An issue has been reported to me by one of my users. I tested it myself,
and I get the same result.

This is on XP. I haven't tried it on other versions of Windows. If you
log onto as an administrator, you can log on fine. If you long on as a
Windows user that is a "Limited User", rather than an Administrator, you
can not. The error received is simply "Cannot open file".

I put some debugging error messages in my code, and narrowed it down to the
following line (TheDB is a TIBODatabase):

TheDB->Connected = true;

I put debug statements directly before and after that line. The one before
hits, then it executes the above line. This causes the IBO default login
dialog to open. They enter the userid and password, and when they click
OK, an error message box comes up. The title is the name of my app. The
text simply says, "Cannot open file", with an OK button. If you click
"Ok", it goes back to the login box again. It lets you try 3 times, and
then an exception is raised ("Login Failed" is the text of the exception).

There are no event handlers in TheDB, and I've searched my code for the
text "Cannot open file", and it's not there, so the message must be getting
generated by IBO.

Does anyone know what the issue is? Again, it works fine if you log on as
Administrator first, but not as a restricted user. How can this be
fixed? My customer has definite issues with giving their users
administrator rights on the local machine.